How to Purchase?

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How to Purchase?

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:53 pm


We have few method of payments such as PayPal & Western Union.[ Please contact us for the Payment Account Details/Address ]
When making the payment, you must include in the payment comments the following information:
Domain Name: (i.e.
Domain IP Address: (i.e.
Internal IP Address (Optional): (i.e.
IP Address / Internal IP Address = IP that where you put your gamecp web files (webserver IP address) means not always your gameserver IP (except you put game cp web files on same gameserver machine)
If no comment is provided, you will not receive a the files.
Once the money has been confirmed, it will take up-to 24-48 hours for me to confirm your payment (during which time no files will be given). If you own the domain of your Pay-Payl’s email, it will be easier to verify your authenticity, you can simply email me via that email or provide proof that you own the domain. It will take time for me to make sure (check with PayPal and etc) that the PayPal Email used to send the money is authentic.
Once payment is confirmed, you will be emailed the files as an attachment to your PAYPAL E-Mail.

PM me or send an Email if you want to purchase the Files. License Free, no monthly payments Full Source of the RF Online Game CP V1 and V2.

Pay Directly through this link!
Do not Forget to Comment Your Email address For us to send a download link of the files.
Thank You!
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